iStreem's production of 10441 Jefferson Blvd. in Culver City, California, for 10th Street Entertainment Associates, LLC, was an immediate success.  The building had been 40% vacant for five months and 100% vacant for three months.  Facing a commercial real estate market with vacancies in excess of 16%percent, 10th Street needed a way to set its building apart from the competition.  iStreem's video marketing services was the perfect solution.

Within two weeks of signing the contract and completing the script, iStreem completed the shooting and editing of the Jefferson Studios video, published it on YouTube and delivered DVDs for distribution to 10th Street Partners.  SJDC, Inc., the building's broker, distributed the video through email broker blast to qualified tenant broker prospects, directing them to the iStreem Video.  Those brokers in turn emailed their clients, so they could preview the building and understand better its attributes and unique characteristics.  Prospective tenants could easily share the video with its employees and other stakeholders.  The video was also sent to the building's lenders, who benefited from seeing the building and better understanding its features. Within three weeks of video completion, the building was 100% leased to two separate tenants and had over 100 views on the youtube channel - market awareness accomplished, value add confirmed by the successful lease signing!

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10441 Jefferson Blvd.
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